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Woodland Park School District

Woodland Park School District

The Opportunity

Woodland Park School District (WPSD) is a K-12 school district that serves the communities of northern Teller County, Colorado. The District sought an opportunity in 2013 to upgrade key facilities in order to accomplish their goals of improved reliability and reduced operational costs. The District chose to partner with OpTerra Energy Services to modernize facilities and adopt a custom-tailored approach to long-term positive impact on their campuses.

The Partnership

Colorado’s performance contracting mechanisms allowed the District to upgrade facilities that span 503,000 square feet. All five school campuses as well as administrative buildings received facility improvements that included interior and exterior lighting, and installation and recommissioning of building automation systems. The District and OpTerra developed a project approach, which included an energy efficiency program and project funding solutions, while balancing campus improvements with the schedule of students and staff during implementation. Facility improvement measures included modernized facility control in District heating and ventilation systems, interior and exterior lighting, and LED auditorium lighting. OpTerra completed the original project scope under budget, and was able to upgrade auditorium lighting, retrofit a walk-in cooler at Summit Elementary, and replace the high school’s domestic hot water system with no additional project funding. By renegotiating the District’s natural gas transport contract and implementing water efficiency measures, OpTerra reduced resource consumption, as well as associated operational costs.

The Impact

Through this successful partnership, WPSD has implemented campus upgrades with assured project lifetime savings of almost $4 million. OpTerra designed, developed and delivered a viable program that was completed on time and under budget enabling the District to take advantage of long-term savings. With increased efficiency and life expectancy of District assets, WPSD is equipped to continue serving students and staff with an improved learning environment for years to come.

The Technical Scope

  • High efficiency fluorescent lighting
  • Interior LEDs
  • Exterior lighting
  • Domestic hot water heating system
  • Inlet guide vanes to VFD
  • Building Automation System installation and upgrades
  • Existing controls renovations
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Third party gas contract
  • Weatherization