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Salt Lake Community College

Salt Lake Community College

The Opportunity

As the largest college in Utah, Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) serves more than 60,000 students across 10 campuses and through distance learning online. In order to fulfill its mission to provide quality higher education to lifelong learners of all ages, SLCC sought out opportunities to leverage savings from much-needed infrastructure improvement projects.

The Partnership

In 2010, SLCC partnered with OpTerra Energy Services to conduct a comprehensive energy analysis across campus assets. OpTerra designed and implemented a package of interwoven solutions that helped the college save nearly $500,000 in energy and operation costs annually – all while helping them incorporate long-deferred maintenance projects into the construction process as well.

One hallmark feature of the energy program was the complete retrofit of all lighting campus-wide – including upgrading the main gym and athletics facilities with energy efficient fixtures for improved game visibility and safety. Additionally, a new electric substation was installed to ensure greater reliability and cost savings.

The Impact

Beyond reliability and cost savings, the campus has improved visibility and safety for the students. With this comprehensive program in place, SLCC can focus on the things that matter most: serving the needs of its students, community members, and local employers.

The Technical Scope

  • Campus wide new lighting retrofit (37 buildings)
  • New electric substation
  • Energy efficient fixtures and crowd-lighting in key athletics facilities