Public Sector


Miami Dade County, Florida

Miami Dade Police

The Opportunity

Miami Dade County wished to upgrade their energy technology to save costs while saving precious natural resources.

The Partnership

The county leadership partnered with OpTerra Energy Services to perform four phases of work in several county locations. Across all the facilities, the upgrades were projected to bring the county half a million dollars in energy savings each year, but the upgrades have brought much larger savings than expected.

The Impact

The partnership between Miami Dade County and OpTerra Energy Services resulted in efficient use of equipment and technology, conserving the county’s valuable natural resources. The improvements have saved the county over $7 million while delivering higher comfort in public and agency facilities.

The Technical Scope

Phase I: Metro Dade Annex Building

  • Demolition, removal and disposal of existing chiller, controls, condenser water piping and cooling tower
  • Energy-efficient lighting retrofits

Phase II: Miami-Dade County Police Department Headquarters

  • Installation of premium efficiency motors and variable frequency drives for cooling towers and chilled water pumps
  • Installation of variable frequency drives for air handling units
  • Installation of 600-ton high efficiency chiller with variable frequency drive

Phase II: Miami Dade County Libraries (10 sites)

  • New equipment including lighting, air conditioning replacement, programmable thermostats, motor replacement, variable fan drive
  • Meter cooling tower
  • Chiller installation and DDC

Phase III: Turner Guilford Knight Facility

  • Implemented smoke management system and retrofit with upgrades to HVAC controls, OA control, motors and bi-fuel generator system

Phase IV: Turner Guilford Knight Facility

  • Companion retrofit project to repair the original smoke evacuation chases