Public Sector


City of Dinuba, California

Dinuba Solar

The Opportunity

Dinuba, California was looking for ways to save energy and money without incurring costs upfront. The wastewater treatment plant bore the city’s heaviest electricity load but there was no typical way to install a solar system to take on that burden. The plant sat next to an inactive landfill, and regulations prohibited breaking ground there due to concerns about ground water contamination.

The Partnership

OpTerra Energy Services developed and installed a special, ballast-supported photovoltaic system that didn’t penetrate the top of the landfill. A power purchase agreement financial structure was put in place so the city benefits from predictable electricity rates over 20 years — helping offset increases in sewage fees.

The Impact

The new solar system decreases energy demand without increasing energy costs. The landfill has become useful again, and the long-term fiscal benefits of the energy savings program enable the city to pass savings on to its residents. Now, Dinuba residents benefit from a healthier environment with a substantial reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.