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Energy Conservation Services for Supermarkets

Since establishing the supermarket division in 2008, OpTerra has helped both independent and large multinational supermarket chains throughout the Northeast save over 400,000,000 kWh and secure over $15,000,000 in utility incentives. OpTerra has implemented solutions that, in aggregate, are saving clients over $46,000,000 per year through reduced energy expenditures.

OpTerra's Supermarket Division offers the following energy conservation services:

  • EC Motors
  • Retail Lighting Design
  • Preipheral Lighting
  • Evaporator Fan Controls
  • Refrigeration Controls
  • LED Door Cooler Lighting
  • Night Curtains
  • Glass Display Door Retrofits
  • Anti-Sweat Controls

OpTerra's supermarket solutions offer executives one-stop shopping for their energy conservation needs, including the development of a corporate energy reduction strategy, maximizing available utility incentives and providing financing options for conservation projects.

Stop and Shop

OpTerra has designed and implemented energy conservation measures for a number of multinational supermarket chains including:

  • Stop & Shop/Giant Foods
  • Weis Markets
  • Shop Rite
  • King Kullen
  • Gristedes
  • HMart

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