Commercial & Industrial




HVAC systems are typically one of the largest consumers of energy in commercial buildings today. The primary goal of these systems is to condition the air so that occupants are comfortable and equipment runs properly. However, the complex nature of the various components required to perform heating and cooling results in various inefficiences in many systems. Opportunities exist for improvement to both central and unitary systems of commercial HVAC systems, and OpTerra has retrofitted many client's existing HVAC and mechanical systems to more efficient designs resulting in significant savings.



Modern buildings have complex systems that include lighting, HVAC, and mechanical components. Often times these systems are not in sync with how the buildings are being occupied and/or utilized, and without proper control over how these systems are run, significant amounts of energy can be wasted. Building Automation Systems (BAS) are used to automatically control how these systems are functioning, and can be setup to optimize the building's various components to match the needs of its occupants.



OpTerra's lighting solutions reduce energy costs for our clients by upgrading lighting components to more advanced technologies. These retrofits improve the lighting significantly by targeting problem areas with specific considerations to overcome common issues. The solutions we provide can range from direct replacements for less efficient lights to a complete overhaul of the entire lighting system using a new style of fixture that complements the area better. Where applicable, we also install lighting controls and sensors that further reduce energy use by intelligently switching lights on and off based on whether an area is occupied.



OpTerra has extensive experience comprehensively examining clients' commercial and industrial buildings and providing integrated energy reduction solutions. This approach combines our expertise in the areas of lighting, HVAC systems, mechanical systems, data center solutions and efficiency controls. We have installed turnkey solutions for customers that incorporate many different energy reduction methods that resulted in substantial savings.