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Lighting Energy Efficiency Treatment

Turnkey LED Lighting Retrofit With Smart Wireless Controls

OpTerra Energy Services recently completed a turnkey LED lighting and advanced controls retrofit at Phillips Academy's ice rinks in Andover, Massachusetts.

Phillips Academy

Phillips Academy’s 60,000 sq. ft. ice rink facility, which includes the Harrison Rink and Gurry Rink, contained 120 T5 and T8 fixtures. The existing lighting was inefficient and provided low light level output. OpTerra’s lighting redesign replaced the existing fixtures with LED lighting with smart wireless controls, reducing the facility’s lighting load by over 95,000 kWh – nearly forty percent. The LED fixtures, equipped with occupancy sensors, are controlled by a web-based system, which allows for granular control of the facility’s lighting: Facility management is able to utilize flexible scheduling, dimming or turning off fixtures when they are not in use, further increasing their energy savings. When the rinks are in use, the light output on the surface of the ice is over 60 foot-candles, enhancing visibility and safety.

OpTerra was able to qualify the project for a significant utility incentive due to their preferred status with National Grid as a Project Expediter (PEX). Phillips Academy benefited from an incentive of $45,000, allowing a simple payback of just over 2.5 years.