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Lighting Energy Efficiency Treatment

Lighting efficiency measures qualified for nearly $45,000 in incentives from Eversource.

New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc. is a leading global athletic products company headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. New Balance has five manufacturing facilities in New England, including a 40,000 square foot facility in Brighton, MA.

Nutall Gear Lighting

New Balance is committed not only to the comfort and safety of its employees, but also to its numerous environmental initiatives. By partnering with OpTerra Energy Services, a leader in turnkey energy efficiency services, to implement a facility-wide lighting efficiency project, New Balance was able to advance toward both of these important goals.

OpTerra Energy Services designed and implemented a high-efficiency lighting system throughout office and manufacturing space at New Balance’s Brighton facility. Fluorescent lighting was replaced with high-efficiency LED fixtures, reducing lighting consumption by nearly 50 percent while enhancing employee safety through higher light output. The new fixtures were tied into the existing occupancy sensors in the manufacturing space, allowing New Balance to turn off fixtures in unoccupied space, furthering their energy savings.

New Balance will benefit from annual energy and maintenance savings of nearly $25,000, as well as a significant utility incentive from its electric utility company Eversource.

Nutall Gear Lighting
Nutall Gear Lighting