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Lighting Energy Efficiency Treatment

Large energy efficient retrofit reduced annual energy costs by over $50,000 and qualified for $111,507 in utility incentives.

Mack Technologies, a provider of complex contract manufacturing services, was experiencing extremely poor light level outputs from the existing lighting in its 108,000 sq. ft. facility. The existing lighting design did not allow for flexibility in the layout of the manufacturing floor, and lights could not be dimmed or turned off if the entire facility was not in use. Lastly, its existing fluorescent lighting required extensive maintenance costs.

Mack After Upgrade
In Mack’s manufacturing space, OpTerra was able to replace 2,600 T-8 fluorescent bulbs with 250 LED fixtures with wireless controls. OpTerra also installed and commissioned an advanced wireless control system that allows Mack to seamlessly control each fixture in the facility via scheduling, task tuning, and dimming. The advanced controls maximize savings, lengthen the life of the LED fixtures and provide Mack lighting system control unprecedented at this facility.

Hallway After Upgrade
Light levels were also a concern for Mack. Through OpTerra’s retrofit design, the light levels in the facility were increased dramatically, from 20-60 foot-candles to a remarkable 90 foot-candles on average. Due to the drastic reduction in the number of fixtures and the significantly longer life of the LED fixtures, Mack will be able to benefit from reduced maintenance costs along with the already impressive kWh savings. OpTerra also replaced several hundred inefficient lamps in Mack’s office space with Super T-8 technology.

This retrofit, designed and implemented by OpTerra, qualified for over $110,000 in incentives from National Grid and reduced Mack Technologies’ annual energy costs by over $50,000.