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Lighting Solutions for your business

OpTerra's lighting solutions reduce energy costs for our clients by creating a custom lighting design to upgrade the facility to more advanced technologies. These retrofits improve the lighting significantly by targeting problem areas with specific considerations to overcome common issues. The solutions we provide can range from direct replacements for less efficient lights to a complete overhaul of the entire lighting system using a new style of fixture that complements the area better. Where applicable, we also install smart wireless controls that further reduce energy use by intelligently dimming or switching off in unoccupied areas using dual technology sensors and scheduling.

In addition to properly adjusting light levels, the retrofit solution implemented by OpTerra uses lighting technologies that result in improved color, reduced flicker and lower noise. This translates into a better working environment for employees, which in turn helps increase their productivity.

There is also an increased reliability associated with the new lighting system, as improvements in lighting technologies have led to increased lifetimes for components which will result in fewer failures and extend the time before routine maintenance is required, further reducing costs.

OpTerra has provided lighting upgrades in hundreds of facilities including: office buildings, warehouses, manufacturing floors, schools, hospitals, freezers and clean rooms. Combining the savings realized from the retrofit, along with maintenance costs and utility incentives, our clients have a return on investment from our turnkey solutions that will significantly reduce their operating expenses while improving lighting conditions for their business.

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Optimized Lighting Design

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The first step in creating a lighting design for our clients is to understand what priorities they have in mind. This can result in a retrofit that has an emphasis on aesthetics and light design or a solution that maximizes energy savings or a combination of both. Getting a sense of these needs up front allows us to tailor the final design to better suit the client's own objectives and informs us of what to concentrate on to create a successful solution.

The next step in the process is a detailed audit. OpTerra conducts a facility-wide lighting system audit where we inspect all areas of the building, taking into account specific lighting needs for the various parts of the client's facility. We compile information including fixture quantities, light level readings, lamp and ballast specifications and hours of operation among other items. This gives us a detailed picture of the current lighting configuration and provides data to determine where efficiency opportunities exist as well as where overall lighting quality can be improved.

We then come up with a cost effective design that is built around the goals of the client. We use light modeling software to design a solution that insures appropriate light levels are achieved while maximizing the efficiencies available. OpTerra works with the client to determine the best schedule to implement the solution that does not interfere with the client's business operations. Finally, we implement the solution, overseeing the project through completion to guarantee a smooth retrofit.

Advanced Lighting Controls Systems

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When creating a sensor design, our primary goal is to provide a solution that eliminates wasted energy, but at the same time not adversely affect our client's working environment. We have the capabilities to implement simple solutions as well as very complex facility-wide projects.

Lighting control systems include the following:
• On/off and dimming controls
• Occupancy sensors
• Photosensors to adjust light levels depending on available natural light
• Scheduling
• A central control system

Utilizing the tools above, OpTerra can design and build a customized lighting controls system for your facility. Modern wireless network technology not only significantly reduces installation and maintenance costs, but also allows for granular control of the lighting system. A central control system can communicate with a single fixture, or a zone or network of fixtures, providing real-time monitoring and analysis.