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Lighting Energy Efficiency Treatment

OpTerra has identified and installed efficiency upgrades to lighting at Ingalls Memorial Hospital.

OpTerra implemented an energy efficient lighting project at Ingalls Memorial Hospital in Harvey, IL that significantly reduced energy use. Over 9,000 fixtures were retrofitted with more efficient technology, including super T8, compact fluorescent, and reduced-wattage biax fixtures. The types of fixtures used in the facility were reduced from over 65 to only 5 types. Additionally, OpTerra’s lighting design reduced the number of 4' fixtures in the facility by approximately 3,600. OpTerra also installed nearly 300 occupancy sensors to reduce energy costs in unoccupied areas.

Ingalls Memorial Hospital
Energy efficiency measures implemented by OpTerra at Ingalls Memorial Hospital provide maintenance savings of $31,500 annually and reduced energy costs by $286,921 annually.

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