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Comprehensive Energy Efficiency Treatment

State-of-the-art analysis & treatment significantly reduced energy consumption and qualified for substantial utility incentives.

Hilles Library Harvard

OpTerra performed a comprehensive energy analysis of the Hilles Library at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, a 95,000 sq. ft., 4-story building built in the 1960s. The building had a 25-year-old, 400 ton chiller that was replaced with a 300 ton variable frequency drive (VFD) chiller. OpTerra also installed a direct digital control energy management system for the facility. The lower block hot deck/cold deck was upgraded with new chilled water coils, steam coils, dampers and damper actuators, and variable air volume devices (VAVs). Additionally, a major retrofit was performed on the upper block hot deck/cold deck which involved replacing the air handling units (AHUs) with a new VAV AHU with VFDs, chilled water coils, and steam coils. For both the upper and lower block hot deck/cold decks, VFDs on supply and return fans were installed.

OpTerra's analysis and treatment significantly reduced energy costs for the Hilles Library, as well as eliminating hot/cold spots and improving overall HVAC efficiency. The project qualified for nearly $400,000 in NSTAR incentives and provided energy savings of $362,800 annually.

Hilles Library