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Energy Efficient Lighting Treatment

Tunable LED fixtures enhance player safety while significantly reducing lighting energy consumption.

Gillette Stadium, located in Foxborough, Massachusetts and opened in 2002, is a sports stadium and entertainment venue owned and operated by the Kraft Sports Group. It is home to such teams as the New England Patriots and the New England Revolution. Adjacent to the stadium is a fully-enclosed Field House that is used for New England Patriots team practices, as well as various other events.

Existing Metal Halide lighting fixtures in the Field House consumed significant electricity and provided low, uneven light levels. Jason Stone of the Kraft Sports Group teamed up with OpTerra Energy Services to develop and implement a modern, energy-efficient, cost-effective solution.

LED High Bay fixtures paired with an advanced wireless controls system provide a winning combination: granular scheduling and tuning, enhanced visibility and safety, and reduced energy and maintenance costs. Tunable fixtures enable light level adjustments for various events that are held in the Field House. Remarkably, with the new LED fixtures at their full brightness, light levels in the Field House increased by 90% on average - consequently, OpTerra, using the wireless controls software tool, was able to dim the fixtures by 30% while still exceeding the lighting needs for the space.

OpTerra's turnkey solution for the Field House not only reduced lighting energy consumption by 75%, but also qualified for nearly $100,000 in incentives through National Grid. Kraft Sports Group financed the project through National Grid's On Bill Repayment offering, eliminating their capital outlay.

Gillette Stadium
Bright, efficient, and reliable LED technology increased average light levels by 90% in the Field House adjacent to Gillette Stadium, used for team practices and other events.

Gillette Field House