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Reducing Energy Consumption for Higher Education

According to the United States Department of Energy, the higher education sector in the U.S. spends an estimated $14 billion annually on energy costs. Rising, volatile operating costs can make strong fiscal oversight a challenge for administrators. In addition, as strongholds in their communities, higher education institutions are called upon to set an example for the community by demonstrating strong environmental stewardship.

As a higher education institution, the benefits of implementing energy efficiency measures are numerous:

  • Cost Reduction - Benefit from reduced electricity, gas, oil, and maintenance costs.
  • Environmental Stewardship - Demonstrate your leadership and responsibility in your community.
  • Carbon Footprint Reduction - Reduce your institution’s environmental impact

What we do


OpTerra offers a professional, comprehensive, and fully turnkey approach to energy conservation. Our expertise in many components of energy efficiency, as well as long-standing positive relationships with local utilities, has allowed us to implement a multitude of successful projects with impressive results.

Our energy conservation services include analysis, design and installation of:

  • Lighting Design and Control Systems
  • Data Center Cooling and Control Systems
  • Chilled Water System Improvements
  • High Efficiency Motor Retrofits
  • Free Cooling Systems
  • HVAC System Retrofits
  • Steam Distribution System Improvements
  • Variable Speed Drives
OpTerra Energy Services will analyze your systems, identify potential improvements, and determine costs, savings, maximum utility incentives, and applicable tax credits.



OpTerra has secured over $2 million in utility incentives for its higher education customers. These customers benefit from 16.1 million kWh in aggregate annual electricity savings. Such savings amount to an annual reduction of 20.3 million pounds of carbon dioxide, or the equivalent of removing 2,200 passenger cars from the road.

Data CentersOpTerra’s Higher education customers include:

  • Boston College
  • Boston University
  • Brown University
  • Harvard University
  • Lasell College
  • Loyola College
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Northwestern University
  • Pine Manor College
  • Phillips Academy