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Deploy Cutting-Edge Energy Strategies To Scale Data Center Capacity

OpTerra Energy Services (OpTerra) delivers innovative energy solutions to data centers and colocation sites across the country, enabling our customers to save money, increase capacity, enhance reliability, and modernize infrastructure.

Data center facilities face a range of challenges, from accommodating wide variations in server utilization and working with strict access requirements to operating aging CRAC units at full capacity. To help overcome these challenges, a key feature of our data center solution includes implementing an integrated, open-protocol direct digital controls system that automates temperature control and CRAC utilization; collects system data in real time; and provides fault detection and diagnostics.

OpTerra’s data center solution goes beyond the technology. Our years of experience delivering impactful energy efficiency projects to our data center and colocation partners means that we know how to execute projects in these sensitive spaces safely, securely, and reliably, with:

  • ZERO impact on server room temperature
  • ZERO disruption of static pressure equilibrium
  • ZERO server downtime
Data Center

Our goal is to help you save money while boosting your data center’s reliability, scalability, and operational efficiency. We also understand the challenges that might delay these critical improvements – tight budgets, rigorous approval processes, and competing priorities.

We’re here to help: our support team includes financing and grant specialists as well as experts in utility incentive programs. We can also structure and provide an in-house financing solution that lets you realize positive cash flow on Day One – with zero capital outlay.

What we do

100+ data center projects • Millions of sq. ft. • 20 states • 100MM+ annual kWh savings identified

Our dedicated data center division designs and delivers comprehensive energy efficiency solutions to data center and colocation facilities across the country. Led by OpTerra’s team of experienced Professional Engineers, we deploy a robust suite of data center-specific improvements.

Data Center Infographic

data center-specific improvements

Comprehensive energy efficiency measures include:

  • Intelligent Cooling
  • Upgraded Infrastructure
  • Custom Designed Air Flow Management
  • Advanced Control Engineering
  • Smart LED Lighting


Project execution:

  • Create a heatmap based on multiple economic parameters to identify and prioritize sites.
  • Perform comprehensive ASHRAE - level audits
  • Produce thorough engineering analysis of identified energy efficiency measures
  • Develop custom design-build solution to meet your needs


With our solution, data center managers can operate and monitor the whole environment from a single workstation. The entire system is intelligent and transparent, from the integrated temperature sensors at the rack level to the automated controls that deliver the right level of cooling at the right time, avoiding dangerous over-heating and expensive over-cooling.

  • Redundancy
  • Real-Time Data & Alarm Monitoring
  • Automated Response to Thermal/Mechanical Issues
  • Increased Equipment Life
  • Precise Control of Hot/Cold Air Streams