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Lighting Energy Efficiency Treatment

OpTerra designed and installed an advanced LED lighting and controls retrofit.

The facility housing BU’s track and tennis teams recently underwent an LED lighting and advanced controls retrofit, designed and installed by OpTerra. Originally, the existing light levels were substandard and the outdated ballasts in the facility made a loud, noticeable sound in the building. BU was interested in designing a modern lighting system with the ability to dim as well as have advanced capabilities for control.

Boston University

OpTerra Energy replaced existing 1000W and 400W metal halide fixtures with new LED fixtures with advanced wireless controls. The lighting control system can schedule and dim the fixtures based on event schedules, occupancy, and daylight harvesting. Since the building is multi-use including events ranging from commencement to recreational and competitive sports, different lighting control schemes can be saved and scheduled for the various events.

The financial benefits of the project were substantial, as BU will achieve a total annual savings 770,000 kWh. Additionally, the project received a significant incentive from NSTAR, yielding a payback period of just over one year.