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Creating a healthy, energy-conscious work environment

Running efficiently means managing your energy. Labs, fume hoods, cleanrooms, multiple facilities—the biotech industry has its own energy challenges and requirements. That's why the energy companies offer a range of rebates and incentives to businesses that participate in energy efficiency programs that are designed to help you operate profitably and sustainably.

OpTerra engineers and design consultants have used their biotech expertise and FDA-GMP understanding to create effective energy solutions for biotech businesses.


To help our biotechnology customers achieve the best possible return on their energy projects, we identify and secure a range of project financing structures and investment incentives that require low upfront capital, including:

  • Biotech rebates and incentives
  • Federal, state and local investment incentives and grants

What we do

Heating & Cooling System Retrofit

Because of the varying HVAC demands of a research facility – labs and offices have dramatically different needs and requirements – OpTerra will install a system that can accommodate the full spectrum.

Lighting Retrofit

To maximize energy savings, OpTerra will install efficient fluorescent lighting and a fully programmable lighting control system, which operates independently of the BMS. The timer system turns the lights on and off at defined hours. All exterior windows are equipped with photocell sensors to detect ambient light levels and turn off the interior lights when they’re not required. The same occupancy sensors that turn the air handling systems on and off in the labs perform the same function with the lights, and occupancy sensors have also been installed in offices, meeting rooms and hallways.

Building Automation

The existing building automation system was replaced with a new system, complete with a user-friendly interface for all the equipment tied to the existing BAS. The new BAS strategies included scheduling, setback, and optimum start/stop controls. BAS controls were installed on the AHU’s existing outside air dampers and new return air dampers. Additionally, the BAS was programmed to set back these AHUs during unoccupied hours and to modulate the dampers to maintain room temperatures.

Biotechnology Clients Include:

  • Genzyme
  • Biogen Idec
  • Qiagen
  • BioMed Realty
  • Whitehead Institute